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Sweet smelling poop and loose stools??

Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask, but I am grasping for straws!

DS has been having 1-3 bowel movements a day that are loose (not nec. diarrhea, but nowhere near formed -- between a peanut butter - mashed potato consistency sorry tmi) we have done ALL the tests for parasites and they have all come back negative. The Dr. has since said that he has chronic unspecific toddler diarrhea. This has been going on for 10+ weeks. He has lost 2lbs, and we go in for a weight check next week.

So...flash forward to tonight, and I realize that his poop smells sweet, like literally sweet, not really stinky. Thinking on it, it rotates from horribly stinky, to sweet. Does anyone have any idea of any food allergies that result in this? He also has bad eczema covering his lower legs.

DS is a very picky eater, we are just happy that he eats, so are having a hard time doing any elimination diet. Any advice or idea/thoughts, etc. would be appreciated, thank you!!

Re: Sweet smelling poop and loose stools??

  • I was thinking teething, but not for 10 weeks!  unless his teeth are coming in one after the other.  My son always has poop like that when he's teething (i never really though of a sweet smell, but the consistency matches).

    10 weeks is a long time to have irregular BM's.. i would get a referral to a GI so they can get more testing done.

    What does he like to eat? maybe we can help you substitute his  food that he already eats with allergy friendly ones and this way you can see within a week if his BM's have changed and go forward with testing him for allergies.

  • Thanks for responding! I know, I thought it was teething too, he always got a horribly upset stomach when he was getting them -- but this has just gone on much longer than any of that. :/ He has been a difficult eater from day 1, and now hearing some stories from others, I have to wonder if maybe there has been a sensitivity/intolerance all along!

    He likes to eat fruit, meat, pasta, chicken nuggets and french fries lol.

    He won't eat sandwiches, lunch meat, most cheeses, potatoes of any kind, yogurt, foods mixed together (like stews or soups), or bananas.

    Any thoughts? TIA!

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  • does he drink milk any more?

    sounds like my son's diet lol

    I would make sure his pasta is milk free (there are many) and try eliminating all dairy/milk ingredients. 

    Frozen Tyson chicken nuggets are milk/soy/egg free..

    My son loooooves IANS french fries (alphabet ones) but you can find many fries that are milk/soy free. 

    I would first try to avoid dairy and see how he does. 

    Some fruits may cause soft BM's i think

    I would definitely contact your pedi and have her refer you to  a GI for testing. 10 months is a long time IMO, but at least its not runny.. i would be more nervous if it was one of those blow outs.  (than i would probably eliminate wheat).

  • Thank you! I will look for those brands! I'm thinking it may be more of a soy sensitivity -- we tried giving up dairy and used soy, he got 100x worse :/ Maybe I will start with eliminating all soy, and then move on to wheat.

    After his weight check, I am going to ask for a referral and see what we can do! I will keep you posted, thanks :)

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