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Question for any of you who live in Fargo

We are considering moving to Fargo in May.  I am wondering how much daycare is there if you use it?  I have heard that daycare there is quite pricey!  I have also heard that there is waiting lists in many daycares.  Is this true for both in home and center daycares? I am just trying to make sure we have all of our information before we make the decision whether to move or not.  Thank you in advance for your help!!

Re: Question for any of you who live in Fargo

  • Our forum is pretty dead.  I live in Bismarck and I pay $95 per week for part time care.  I think the full time is $125.  Of course Fargo will be different I'm sure. They had quite a few centers close in the last few years.  Here's a good link to get you started:

    Also look at in their classifieds and it should give you rates in the ads.  I used to live in Fargo but it was before I had kids so sorry i can't be much more help!

  • Check out

    I live in Grand Forks, 1 hour north of Fargo, cost wise here for FT center based care we are at around $650/mo. (depending on age)...



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  • I live in Fargo. We pay $365 every two weeks for daycare at a center. There is a waiting list at most centers and home daycares for infant care. The best thing to do is to call ahead and see if they have a spot open or a waiting list. A lot of the Centers don't keep waiting lists due to the need for daycare. It is worth looking around and seeing the place. We ran into a couple of centers that had no problem fitting in another infant, when we went to visit we found out why. If you have more questions or need help finding quality care, I can answer any questions and help as best I can. There is nothing better then getting a daycare that you trust and you know that your baby is getting the best care possible. We switched from our original daycare after being there for 2  months and it was the best move we have ever made. Good luck!

  • I live in Fargo and I'm looking at $90-$150 per week. It seems steep but we have a good economy with jobs that pay ok. Let me know if you are in Fargo, I can let you know what daycares and jobs that I know are available and whatever else you'd like to know. For a family, I love Fargo. I'd encourage anyone to move here!
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