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crock pot recipes

I'm trying to come up with easy, yummy recipes for after baby.  I don't use the crock pot very much but would like to utilize it more....anyone have some recipes they'd like to link or share? 


Re: crock pot recipes

  • One I got from one of the girls here is super easy. Throw in a pork or beef roast with one can of rootbeer. I usually add a bit of water too. Cook until pulls apart easily. Then add bbq sauce. yummy bbq sandwiches. 
  • Ooo...we love the root beer pulled pork! I think we've used Dr. Pepper too...sounds weird but tastes really yummy. I've also had great luck with slow cooker recipes, particularly:

    Chicken tortilla soup: except I use frozen (raw) chicken breasts and shred them after it's cooked. And I buy the tortilla chips...if you microwave them for a few seconds to warm them up, they almost taste homemade anyway. Might as well save even more time =).

    Beef stew:

    I also like this chicken korma recipe: (she has lots of slow cooker recipes on her blog, in fact a whole year's worth).

    And this pot roast recipe: 

  • Thanks everyone so far for the suggestions!  They sound great!
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