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I can't believe November is almost over!!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Is your LO excited? Are you heading out for Black Friday deals? 

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Re: Thanksgiving!!!

  • We're heading to my parents house on Wednesday, and staying through Saturday. Caleb is SOO excited - mostly to see Grandma & Grandpa (and his cousins). It will be 7 adults and 6 kids for dinner, so I'm gearing up for a crazzyy day!

    My sister & I are planning BF shopping, it will be a fun girls outing for us! I'm hoping my mom comes with us, but I expect her to chicken out:) 

    image Caleb is 3! 101 in 1001
  • We're hosting it at our house. It will be us, my parents, my IL's, my brother and SIL, SIL's sister and boyfriend, and SIL's parents. It will be a full house! Thankfully everyone is bringing food, so all I have to cook is a few sides. My brother is making the turkey (a 30 lb one!!!), and my work gives us Honey Baked Hams every year for Thanksgiving, so that's nice.

    No BF shopping for me. I have to work on Friday. How lame is that? Boo. Although there's really not anything I'm looking for that would get me out super early anyway.

    Saturday, I'm decorating for Christmas. Yay!

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  • We're heading over to DH's family gathering Thanksgiving.  It's somewhat of a pot luck - I'm bringing pies.  mmmm pies.  Probably going to stay at home BF, I can't handle the craziness.  I already have a few things bought for Christmas, DH has my dad and BIL's presents picked out and the rest I think I'll buy on our cruise.  If I don't have to shop BF, I prefer not to. Smile
  • We're going to DH's boss' house for dinner.  That morning we're going to get our Christmas tree -- we usually go the weekend after Thanksgiving but we're going to try potty training Claire on the weekend so we want to get it before we're stuck at home for a few days.

    I'm not sure the girls really get Thanksgiving or care at this point.

    I don't BF shop.  I'd rather just save my sanity and sleep, and buy on-line.

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  • I'm pretty excited, we're going to Charleston Thursday-Sunday. My sister is in school there, and my dad's extended family lives there. We're staying in a condo at Folly Beach, so we'll be able to go to the beach one day, plus do downtown Charleston one day.

    Maddie is excited to go to the beach, she's not all that excited about Thanksgiving in general. Guess it's a boring holiday when you're 3. Funny story though, when I was telling her about Thanksgiving I said there would be turkey, and she said "oh can I play with the turkey?" I told her "no, we don't play with the turkey, we eat it," and she started laughing hysterically and said "mommy, that's silly, we don't eat animals!" 

    Sleep is pretty much favorite thing in the world, so I don't do Black Friday. I might peruse the interwebs for some good online deals, but probably won't end up getting anything.

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  • No plans for Thanksgiving this year!  Sad I'll probably be home alone waiting on this baby to make his appearance. DH has to work & both sides of our family live about 1 1/2 hrs away. I really don't wanna have my baby outta town without DH being nearby! So as upset as my irrational stepmom will be; I'm going to skip the family gatherings Thursday.Think I'll pop a Jennie-O turkey breast in the oven & a few simple sides for DH & I unless I'm eating some hospital food by then!

    No BF shopping this year either! I'm slow & moody enough shopping on my own time with no crowds..I think I'd be asking for a meltdown if I try BF shopping at 9 months pregnant!

    I hope everyone has a great holiday & enjoys the time you spend with family & friends! Happy Turkey Day!


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  • Well we were supposed to head to my parent's house today and spend most of the week, but DS#2 is sick, I'm sick, and DS#1 is just getting over his junk, so in the hopes of not passing it on and the fact that DS#2 started projectile vomit yesterday, we are staying here this week instead. Bummer.

    Sunday all of DH's family and then some are coming over here for their Thanksgiving. That's about 35 people. EEK! And I'm cooking my first turkey...EEK! Hope I don't ruin Thanksgiving ;)

    No Black Friday shopping here...we live too far away from anything for it to be worth it. I normally do most of my wheeling and dealing online on Cyber Monday (that and I'm a nerd) ;)

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