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My BF regret

I know that this was really out of my hands- you can't make a baby nurse when they are ready to give it up.  And I know that every baby is different- some BF babies are sick from the beginning and some FF babies rarely get sick.  But man, I wish Sophie would have kept nursing even once a day for a little longer!  She has been sick with one illness after another since she weaned in September.  The exact same thing happened to Gavin.  Within 3 mos of him weaning, he had his first round of pneumonia and from then on, every single runny nose ended in breathing treatments for a month or more.  That went on for over a year.  I've already determined that we won't be waiting so long for ear tubes w/ Sophie (not that those would have stopped HFM this time).  She's had 3 ear infections so far since September.  I plan to ask the Dr today if we can go ahead and call the ENT before we end up w/ something worse.  I swear, if we have another baby (and that's a big IF), I will do my darndest to keep nursing as long as possible.






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  • If it makes you feel any better, BF didn't help either of my boys. Bailey got tons of different sicknesses (swine flu, stomach virus and ear infections) before I quit BF and Bryce did better but he still has gotten sick a lot.

     On the tubes, Bryce got 3 ear infections and he got tubes. I told my pedi I wasn't waiting especially with Bailey's delay of speech due to chronic ear infections. I would definitely push to get up inot the ENT. Our ENT didn't even hestitate putting tubes in Bryce with our family history and I'm very happy about that

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  • I could have written this verbatim.  Marlowe self-weaned at 9 months and got pneumonia a month later plus she had at least 1 ear infection a month until we got tubes in August.  I actually just said to my husband this morning that I wonder if the doctors will give the new baby ear tubes right after birth. I was half kidding of course, but we definitely won't wait as long as we did with Marlowe.


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  • Don't beat yourself up over this.  If it makes you feel any better, I was able to bf Ethan for his first 6 months and the kids was sick with everything under the son his first year of life.  Jack, on the other hand, was only bf for one week before we had to switch to formula, and unlike big brother, he was very healthy his first year.  I guess each baby is different no matter if they are bf or formula fed. 
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  • I EBF for 13 months and Ava got tubes 2 months after stopping.  If they are going to get sick, they are just going to get sick no matter how hard we try.  I know it sucks but like others said don't beat yourself up as there are many other factors that go into illnesses.  

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  • I wish I could have breast feed so I understand the regret.  I will say both my kids were ff and neither has ever had an ear infection (they are hardly ever sick). I am convinced it's because my son loves to touch everything and put it in his mouth.  I think all the germs the kid comes in contact with boosts his immune system...just kidding.  My poor niece was constantly sick, was breast fed, and is a very healthy eater.  I think some kids just get sick easier than others.  I am sure one day soon my kids luck will run out and we will have the year of sickness.  It seems to happen at some point to everyone I know. 

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