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Need pediatrician recommendations for preemie

Have a 34-week preemie arriving home. Please recommend a good pediatrician who has experience with premature babies in Eastside. I live in Issaquah. Don't mind traveling.

Millions of thanks from a nerve wracked mom.

Re: Need pediatrician recommendations for preemie

  • I asked for a recommendation from my obgyn and just went to the pediatrician that my obgyn goes to.  My son was born at Swedish.  And my obgyn and pediatrican are in the same area.  We go to Polyclinic Pediatrics.  It is nice for our pediatrician to be so close to the hospital that he was born at.  We had to go back for an evaluation and for other things like reflux and his head was a little flat on one side so we were going to the Pediatric Therapy Services (Outpatient) at Swedish.  And our pediatrican at Polyclinic Pediatrics just worked with us. 

     I remember my obgyn giving me a list of pediatricians, and it was like you could always set up an interview for the pediatricians or just call up the office and ask about the experience of each pediatrician at each office. 

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  • How is your baby doing?  My second was born at 33w6d.  We were in the NICU for 19 days, but he just needed to grow and learn how to eat and keep breathing while he ate.  So he was a preemie but no complications.  I see Kate Ryan at Pediatric Associates in Pine Lake/Sammamish.  I love her.   She has twins who are about 5 and one has medical issues so she's good at knowing how moms with issues feel.  I hope you guys are doing ok.  The NICU is no fun.   I'm glad you're going home.  
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