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XP: Over before it started

Well, it looks like I'm having a chemical pregnancy.

I'd be lying if I said I'd never tested so early before, but that's neither here nor there.

Thursday morning (8dpo) I swear I *felt* pregnant.  Similar mild cramping and discomfort to what I had just hours before I got my last BFP.  So, that afternoon I took an IC and then an FRER, and both came up with a faint, but distinct +.

Friday morning, I tested again, with FMU, and I thought they looked slightly lighter, but tried not to worry too much.  The last 2 days, they've gotten progressively lighter, to the point where this morning I'm not even fully convinced it's still +.  And now I started spotting this afternoon.

I realize I'm only 11dpo today, and most women wouldn't even have known.  But I'm still pretty upset.  I'm going to call my doctor in the morning, see where we go from here, probably go in for betas and confirm.

I was surprised, but hopeful, to get a BFP our first cycle TTC after the m/c...  *sigh*

Here we go again....
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Re: XP: Over before it started

  • I'm sorry.  There is nothing like getting your hopes up, even just a little, only to find out it may not be.  TTC after miscarriage is so stressful.  You want it to be a happy time so badly, but you end up being nervous every step of the way.  Wishing you good vibes for next month.  
  • I'm so sorry. This can be such a stressful and heartbreaking process. Hopefully you'll have some answers and help soon. We're here if you need anything.
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  • I'm so sorry :( I was in that same spot last month sucks big time. Big Big hugs!!!
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  • How sad and heartbreaking.  Many hugs, T&P for you.
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  • Oh, I'm so sorry. TTC is so stressful and emotional. Big hugs to you!
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  • I'm sorry!  Sending you good vibes!
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