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Why do i feel this way?

ok i've been dating my baby's father for three years and now we are expecting and all the times i get an ultrasound my due date changes and it makes me feel weird because it doesn't match up with the last day we had sex before i got pregnant he says he knows it's his but at the same time i feel weird i have not done anyone else but could my ultra sound be wrong or what???  Someone help me please..... 

Re: Why do i feel this way?

  • i dont know how accurate the dates are...i alwasy considered it more an estimate and ur due date can change based on the baby size i a first time mom so im not 100% sounds like ur worried the baby miht not be his...if u havent done anything wiht anyone else theres no way it could be anyone elses.... just need to relax, breath and it will ll be good
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  • your due date can change based on the babies development.
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  • When my friend was pregnant her ultrasounds changed the estimated development of the child every time.  She said her ob/gyn said they usually stay with the first ultrasound as that was the most accurate. 
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