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bleeding during first trimester

I am 6 weeks pregnant, i started spotting brown blood today. After a very nervous visit to my Dr. and an ultrasound and cervical check. I saw the heartbeat,My Dr. said everyting looked ok but all i can do is wait.

 I was wondering how many of you have had bleeding in pregnancy and still carried full term with no problems, this is my 3rd pregnany. I have lost the other 2 early, before 6 weeks.    Needless to say i am super nervous.

Re: bleeding during first trimester

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    I'm having my first baby and I've been bleeding a lot. My doctor said as long as it is not a pad an hour bleeding can be normal. I actually got checked out and I have engorged blood vessels that keep popping. I had to have a procedure to have them burned to stop bleeding. I hope the bleeding stops but don't panic if you see a little.
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    I had bleeding for the first time today, I dont have my first appointment until next week. My progesterone levels are borderline low, I'm currently on supplements - day 2. My doctor advised me to monitor the blood.

    I wish you ladies the best of luck. 

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    I bled through my entire first pregnancy- the OB diagnosed me with a sensitive cervix.  I had extra U/S the first trimester and delivered a healthy baby. 
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