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Almost done with T1!!

Hi Everyone!! Im 11 weeks and I have been one of the somewhat lucky ones, no vomitting, just tired at the end of the day.  Im just a little confused on some post, but I guess every pregnancy is different;  Im 11w4d, and my due date is on 6/5/2011, but some ladies state they are 11w and are due in the middle of May. 

 Im a little confused, can anyone help me understand how the week thing works?

Re: Almost done with T1!!

  • Hi am 11w and as per my doctor am due on June 2 2011 so i really dont know but my calculations i should be due June 8 2011.
  • im 11 weeks and my dd is june 9th... i guess depending on ur first uts the dr. sees  how developed baby is and estimates ur dd.... u can eighter deliver  1 week before or after... remember these are just estimates sice its very hard to know when u excactly conceived.
  • oh and they also use ur fist day of ur last menstrual cycle to give a dd.


  • I am just getting into my 11th week and my initial (estimated) due date is June 13th.  Both my Family Practice doctor and my OB both pulled out a little dial and just went off of the first day of my last period.  My husband and I have been TTC for almost 9 months, so I had been tracking my ovulation schedule, so I know, within a few days, instead of a few weeks, of when I conceived.  Which was actually 2 weeks past my last period.  So, I guess TECHNICALLY, I'm only 9 weeks, but, based on the schedule the hospitals use, I'm 11 weeks.  I have yet to have my first ultrasound, or hear the baby's heartbeat.  They say anywhere between 8 and 12 weeks you can hear the heartbeat, and since I was only 8 weeks, but yet knew I was 2 weeks behind that on my ovulation schedule, I figured we wouldn't be able to hear the heartbeat, and I was right.  I am looking forward to our next appointment at 13 weeks to hear the baby's heartbeat! Good luck with your pregnancy, and remember to take it easy! 
  • The reason posts say middle of May is because these are older posts and they aren't 11 weeks anymore!


    Congrats to you!! Hope the rest of your pregnancy is wonderful. God Bless

  • I guess they start counting the weeks of your pregnancy from the first day of your last menstrual period, so if you look back on here at 2 weeks it's actually when you're ovulating... then by the time you miss your period your considered to be 4 weeks along already.  That's why the end of your first trimester isn't until 14 weeks rather than 12 ;-)  I hope that helps!
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  • I think it's just because the 11w message board keeps old posts. I'm 11w now and due end of July... Next month someone else will post after me that they're 11 weeks and due end of August... and so on. Hope that helps.
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