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Childproofed Christmas Tree! PIP

It's not my usual style, but I am willing to do it kid-friendly for the next few years.  This is a CHEAPY $20 tree from Target.  It's a 6ft tree and the stand is about 3' so it actually stands higher than our normal tree.  This year they have a great selection of soft ornaments and lots of shatterproof ones as well.  I still have a ways to go and need to get his toys into baskets below (as well as finish fluffing and get a topper), but I'm pretty happy so far!

It's anchored to the wall AND to the stand.  To the wall I used those Monster hooks that you use to hang pictures and took twine and wrapped it multiple times.  The legs of the stand are also stuck on using Command adhesive strips. 

I'll post a PIP later when it's completely finished.  I need to get a table runner and skirt to cover up the stand.


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