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What to do with old car seat?

We have an older infant car seat that I need to get rid of. What do you do with them? I can't imagine throwing them in the garbage is an option. Is there somewhere to donate or recycle?
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Re: What to do with old car seat?

  • Most donation centers won't take used carseats because they can't guarantee the safety or if it has been in an accident.  I was given a carseat that was 8 years old.  I waited until Babies R Us had their trade in event and got a 25% off coupon and bought DD#1 a convertible seat.  They usually have a trade in event 2 times a year. 

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  • we traded ours in at the BRU trade in event...they are a great way to get the next thing you need.
  • They are having a car seat recycling event at Ace Hardware (Settergren's) in Linden Hills tomorrow. 2813 West 43rd Street, Minneapolis. It's on the recycleminnesota.org site if you do a search for car seat.
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  • yeah, I'd do the recycling thing Josy mentioned. If you need the discount, the BRU event is usually held in February and August each year. 


    Otherwise, cut the straps and beat the crap out of it and throw it in the trash.  

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