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XP: Teaching LO languages

So we've really started working on colors, numbers, and letters with DD.

I plan to teach her some different languages, by no means do I anticipate her being bilingual or anything like that but teaching her for example: red and rojo are the same.

But on that note would you stick with just English and Spanish because Spanish is the other widely used language in the US. Or do you think I should include French and German (I took 4 years of French and I lived in Germany from 18months-4.5yrs) 
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Re: XP: Teaching LO languages

  • I don't see why not teach them all. We're actually thinking about sending Jax to a spanish preschool.

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  • Go for it. We expect our kids to know many different words to convey the same thought(blue/aqua/teal/etc), so why would languages be any different?

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  • I am going to teach LO American Sign Language! : ) I am in ASL 2 right now and it is an awesome language that he can use someday. 
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