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Starting to cut out bottles.

She's only been taking 2-3 ounces in the morning when she gets up, so we are starting with that one.

Instead of starting to decrease her formula intake and increase her solids, she's actually been doing the opposite lately and we were up to well over 30 ounces a day when the pedi had said we should be around 24 ounces these days.

Today is day one of no morning bottle. Instead I sat her down 30 minutes after her reflux meds and offered breakfast, then offered a snack at 9 am when I used to do breakfast. Gave her the first bottle at 10, like usual.

We'll see how this goes....

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Re: Starting to cut out bottles.

  • GL!
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  • Good luck!
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  • Good luck!  We haven't attempted this yet...let us know how it goes.
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