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Vancouver Moms Meetup?

Hi ladies,

I've just moved from Germany to Vancouver.  In my old town we had a weekly lunch for moms and bumps-- I would love some fellow pregnant lady camaraderie, does anyone know about anything like this in the Vancouver area?


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Re: Vancouver Moms Meetup?

  • I'm not from the Vancouver area, so I wouldn't know about any meet-ups around there, and come to think of it, I don't know of any where I am, either!  I would love to have something like that, too.  I do have a few girlfriends who are pregnant as well, but we hardly ever have a chance to get together.  My sister and I tend to hang out more than I do with my friends!

    You could check in with your local health office and see if there's anything they know about, or if they know where to check, though.  Also try at maternity clothing stores, or even your local Toys R Us!  Those would be great places to advertise, too, if you want to start a group of your own.

     Welcome to the board!

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