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OB/Gyn in Nashville?

Hi Everyone....I'm new to the area (just moved here in August from Massachusetts to Bellevue) and I'm trying to find an OB/Gyn, someone who I'm hoping to stay with when I do get pregnant.  Truth be told, I'm a day late, trying to hold out testing for a couple more days "just in case" AF does show and finding new doctors are on the brain right now.  If anyone has a hospital/practice or doctor that they could recommend I would be forever grateful. 

 Thanks - Jami :-)


Re: OB/Gyn in Nashville?

  • I see Dr. Lewis Bellardo at Tennessee Women's Care.  

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  • Dr. Jeff Draughn @ Baptist Hospital. Love him! I had a natural birth in hospital and he was really great. His nurse is awesome as well. He also delivers @ Centennial if you have a preference.
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  • I go to Dr. Nicole Schlechter she is with Women at Baptist.  I love her!!!!  She delivered for my boss and a couple of other friends and everyone speaks very highly of her.  I hear that all the Dr. in that group are awesome.  Good luck finding someone and maybe a new little one on the way. 
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  • I went to the Vanderbilt midwives at the West End women's health center and loved it. I would highly recommend them.


    On another note, Vanderbilt has a study on early pregnancy called right from the start if you are interested. The main reason I wanted to participate is because you get an early ultrasound at 6 weeks. I didn't have my first appointment until 9 weeks so I was really excited about the ultrasound. Plus you get guftcards and other little gifts for participating. You don't have to see a doctor or midwife at Vanderbilt to be involved in the study. If you want to check it out their website is www.mom2be.org

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  • Thanks for the recs everyone!  No little one on the way yet, AF was 6 days late and two failed attempts at taking a digital test (MH was nice enough to go out and get me tests, he chose the digital ones).  I've been pretty good with not getting disappointed each month, but the whole 6 day late thing threw me for a loop.

     Thank you again!


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