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I was thinking about getting this carrier, for moms who have this, how do you like it?
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Re: Infantino

  • bad bad bad idea
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  • Some of their carriers are okay, but the brand isn't something that I'd support.

     They're the makers of the Slingrider bag slings that were recalled.  They refused to recall their product voluntarily, even after infant deaths.  It wasn't a matter of people using the product incorrectly - there was no safe way for a person to use those bag slings and they should've never been on the market in the first place.  

    If you're trying to find a less expensive option I'd recommend buying used.  Quality carriers can hold up and look great for many years. 

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  • Are you looking for a mei tai or a soft-structured carrier?

    There are SSCs that are a lot more comfortable than the ones that Infantino makes.

    I'm guessing that the company's mei tais should be comfortable, though.  I don't imagine that anyone could make a "bad" mei tai.  I'm not sure why Infantino puts those loops on the sides of its mei tai body, though. Also, ignore their suggestion to use mei tais for hip carries.

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