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Lankenau or Bryn Mawr Hospital

Hello all- well its been a while as I was previously on the Knot, got married...and here we are =) I live in the PHL area and am torn between these two hospitals. Although I am not pregnant, I want to begin my yearly's with an OB rather than my GYN (who happens to live in my hometown 1+ hours away). Anyhow, I have heard great things about both Lankenau and Bryn Mawr...L is about 5 minutes or so further from me than BM. So either would be fine. Any suggestions, complaints, recommendations welcome =) 
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Re: Lankenau or Bryn Mawr Hospital

  • Both are great hospitals. I am having my second baby at Lankenau in March, I had a great experience with the staff at that hospital. I am having an u/s done at Bryn Mawr next week. I have a cousin who delivered at Bryn Mawr this summer and loved it. They also have a Birthing Clinic, which is for natural deliveries with midwives, no epi and stuff. I have a few friends who have gone that route too. Good Luck whatever you choose will be fine!
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  • I honestly think both are pretty great from everything I've heard. I delivered at Bryn Mawr -- very positive experience.

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  • I moved from the city and ended up about 5 minutes from both Lankenau and Bryn Mawr.  I looked into both and ultimately decided to go with Lankenau

    Overall, I think both hospitals are great.  Lankenau recently renovated their maternity unit and has all private rooms.  I also heard a few not-great personal stories from BM. 

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  • I've heard wonderful things about Lankenau's maternity ward. Even my regular doctor was like "go check out the maternity ward. it's awesome". I have spent a decent amount of time at Lankenu (10 days recovering from a broken ankle and surgery) and couldn't have enough positive things to say about the hospital in general.
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  • I think Lakaneau's NICU is higher rated than Bryn Mawr.
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  • We opted for Lankenau Hospital over Bryn Mawr.  It is slightly closer to our house.  Has a better NICU and awesome Maternity unit.  Of course I have not delivered there yet but did our research. 
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  • I just delivered at Lankenau and the quality of the medical facilities, amenities, and the staff are top notch. Large birthing rooms with showers (and 2 tub rooms). Great NICU if that applies to you. Negatives:


    -Greater than 40% c/s rate and 95% epi rate.  If you have any intentions of a low intervention birth, you just have to be very very proactive. We hired a doula and she really helped us navigate Lankenau. The staff was open to our wishes (no meds, no assitance other than catching, non-separation, hep lock instead of IV, etc.) but not used to them. I mean, they get maybe one mom a month without an epi, so we bucked their routine and just had to remind people about our wishes.

    -2-3 hour separation of parents and baby for "testing" and stuff about one hour after you deliver. Big negative for me (some welcome the rest time!), and we had to really ask sweetly constantly to have the nurses do the tests and such in-room. It's fairly well-known that once the nurses take your baby, it will be a long long time before you can get him/her back. You can't get in the nurse nursery, so if they're busy, you just wait.

     -TIny mother/baby rooms. Fine for parents + baby and maybe 2 visitors, but if you have a big family, it's going to be cozy haveing them meet the baby in the room.


    -Subpar food. Our military hospital had way better (and more) food than this and was a far inferior facility! DH went out to the City Line strip to bring back some food.


    I hear great things about both, honestly, but those are some specific features to Lankenau other than "it's great!".

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