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North Augusta ?

Greetings ladies! I'm transferring down to SC from Philadelphia and we are so excited. Just found out we're pregnant with number 2. I've heard North Augusta is a good place to live (I'll be working in Edgefield.) We have 5 days for a house hunting trip so are there any areas we should look at specifically? Or stay away from? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    North Augusta  is my hometown :) It is a wonderful community. You are centrally located, as Augusta, GA is literally minutes away. Or, you can head east and enjoy the nearby town of Aiken, SC....and the state capital-Columbia SC is less than an hour away.

    The school district is pretty decent and crime, IMO- is at a minimum. ( I now live in Columbia, but my mom is still in N.Aug). Not sure if you have made the house hunting trip but, I would recommend that you contact a real estate agent, since you're not familiar with the area. There are several nice neighborhoods. Good Luck!

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