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mommies who use a nanny/babysitter

I have a good friend who we have hired to babysit out little guy when he gets here, beginning in the spring.

She will be with him from 330/4 pm until 715/730 pm one night a week (while I'm at class).

What do you ladies pay your sitters?  I'm trying to figure out the average for our state and I know it's all over the place.  When I was younger and babysat I got 10 dollars an hour per child... but I feel like this is low now-a-days, especially for someone watching a newborn/infant.



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Re: mommies who use a nanny/babysitter

  • I nannied pre-pregnancy for quiet a while, and my usual going rate was $275 a week, if I had the baby (infant-18mo) every day for more than 5 hours a day, Monday-Saturday. (Comes out to less than 10 or so an hour) And I thought it was reasonable, but I wasn't professional help. If the person has certifications or something then you can always go higher, but I was content with just that. 
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