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1 cm dilated at 30 weeks

Okay girls! The more I think about this, the more nervous I get. I'm 30 weeks and 3 days to be exact. My EDD is January 5th. I went to the doctor on Friday, complaining of a sharp pain, I only noticed it on the left side, lower abdomen. He hooked me up, no contractions (didn't feel the pain while being monitored) and did a vaginal u/s with exam. Cervix was closed and fine. Went back to the doctor today because the pain just wasn't going away. He did another exam and I've dilated to 1cm in 2 days, and the doctor is now stating, it had to have been contractions. This is my first pregnancy, and he said it was unusual, if it were my 2nd or 3rd, 1cm at 30 weeks could be considered normal. SO, I've been taken off work (was working 40 plus a week), and am on moderate bed rest. I'm just nervous/worried about LO coming too early. If I dilated that quickly in 2 days, I'm afraid to see what happens next. Also, as a side note, BP is textbook perfect, normal swelling, nothing up to this point that points to pre-term labor. Anyone else experienced this and been ok? Just hoping for reassurance!!

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  • Dont worry you can be 1cm dilated for weeks on and on, just take good care of yourself and call your doctor whenever you arent sure of something. good luck!

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  • I actually spent all day at the hospital because of this exact same thing!! 

    I first just called the midwife to tell her that I was having contractions and I was having about 5-6 an hour. Told me to come in to be monitored and sure enough they told me the same things....Rest, water, and more rest!

    I have a follow-up appointment tomorrow to make sure that I'm dilating any more.

    Hope we both are ok!! Don't want these LO's to come out before they're done cooking 

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  • I've been on moderate bed rest for almost 5 weeks. Its can get tough at times but reach out to your support people/friends and tell them when you need them to visit. Also don't feel bad about asking them to do things for you. My contractions start up pretty quick if I am up for very long so I have just had to learn my limits. After I reach the 35 week mark my doctor is not going to stop my labor so I can resume normal activity. I have 2 more days left and don't think it will be long after that I will be a mom.  I hope this is encouraging to you that because you became aware of your PTL early your little is more likely to stay on the inside longer.
  • My friend was dilated at 1cm as of week 27.

    She ended up delivering 4 days overdue.

    Just some encouragement, but everyone is different. Monitor yourself and be cautious.

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  • Thanks so much everyone! From what I've read online it can go either way. I can stay at 1cm for a very long time, or I could not. So I'll just have to watch myself like you said and make sure that I know my limits! If I can keep her in the oven at least until 35 weeks, she should be pretty well developed and won't be too early. My only fear is that I dilated so quickly within 2 days and didn't even know I was contracting, really. Good luck to everyone! :)
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