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What nicknames do you have for your LO?

It seems like I have a new nickname for DS everyday. What started as "Bubbles" soon evolved into "Boobah". But he also goes by Scoopies, Scubas, Brody Bear etc., etc... 

What nicknames do you have for your LO? :) 

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Re: What nicknames do you have for your LO?

  • Great Question! Our son's name is Lucas so we call him Luke Bear :) He sometimes gets pumpkin and Boo Bear!
  • Our DD's name is Olive. From the begining I called her Chicken because she had such skinny legs. That stuck. I also call her Bean, OllieBean, Bubba, Lil Momma, Nugget....whatever comes to mind really.

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  • my LO name is Ethan and his middle name starts with a J so I call him EJ, my lil champ and recently my lil peanut.lol

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  • Lucas the incredible- makes his name way longer but I say it almost every time. And Captain poopy pants, we don't even get the clean diaper on him before he's pooping again, he's a machine! DD calls him "Lukey" and he's also got the NN of wiggle worm, which evolved to worm.
  • My sons name is Samuel, so he is Sam and Sammy (obviously). He is also Sammy-pants, Sammy-pie, Sweet Sam, and Noodle (he gets really floppy when he falls asleep). I am a big one for nicknames, so I am sure he will get more of them as time goes by (my older two have tons)
  • I mostly call DD Peanut Butt or McGoober.  Not sure why.  She also goes by Bridgey Bear and Baby BEE (her initials)
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  • I call DD "Chicken" because she's got chicken legs and her cries sound more like a bird sqwaking.....We call DD "Tank" because hes a pound and a quarter heavier than her my DH also calls hime "Sherman" as in a Sherman Tank.
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  • Pumpkin, Pumpkin face, Pumpkin pie, Smoopie doopies, Doopies, Smalls, Squirt, Big noise, etc, etc. 

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  • I usually call her Livi or Pooks
  • Love this question...

     Our DD name is Madison... So we call her Maddie, Mad Pad.... which then turned into MP, M-Dawg (she throws up weird gangsta signs) haha, The Madster, Mad butt... I am sure there are more... hahaha!

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  • Leifus Maximus Rowanus. A mouthful, I know. Also, Boat. Our last name is Rowan. Boat Rowing....cheesy, but my husband's students love it!
  • From the day she was born she has been Chippy because of her chipmunk cheeks- which are now even more chipmunkish. DH calls her Auttie, my sister calls her Otto and my mom calls her AJ. I hardly ever call her by her actual name!
  • Peanut, Momma, Baby Girl, Booger, Poopie Diapie... whatever comes to mind at the time...
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  • I love this question!  I call her Mush Mush, Mush Face, and when she eats like a pig we both call her Pigmo or Hogmo.....DH calls her Stinker.
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  • We call DD Princess Rumble Bottom because her fart/poop can be really loud, and Yoshi because some of her coos sound like Yoshi from mario bros.
  • I feel like I have a new nickname for him every day! I call him Bubba, Bubs, Pooh Bear, Pooperman, Stinkerton, Stinkerbelle, Little Man, and once in a while I'll call him Maxi Pad. I need to stop that one before he gets old enough to realize what I'm calling him!!
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  • Some derivatives or his name, Muppet, Mups, suckface, crankenstein, stinkyface boy, rocket man, bubs, bubba, booga
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  • Emmy (short for Emily), Pumpkin, Honey bunch, Angel face, Little Pookie.  :)

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  • Let's see..anything from Stinkerella to Princess Poopypants, Mama, My Big Girl, Miss Mia, or Mimi.
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  • My LO's name is Madeline and I absolutely despise Maddie or Maddy as a nickname so I always call her Madeline, honey bunny or sweet pea. My DH calls her munchie (short for munchkin) and others in the family call her lil nugget and my BIL calls her Fred, don't ask why because I have no idea why. LOL!
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  • I call my LO Butter Butt...Haha I think it started when he was so little and his poop was looking like butter and the name stuck. I also used to call him Little Bear.. :)
  • DD's name is Emily but I tend to call her Emme. As far as a nickname, I call her Goose a lot (as in Silly Goose LOL). Plus she tends to honk instead of coo.

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  • Pudding, Buddha (when I take him off my chest after burping him, he sits like a little Buddha statue), Vinnie-bear and Sir Farts A Lot.
  • I call LO Monster or Monster man... We didn't want to call me a bean or anything like that when I was pregnant so we called him our little monster and it has stuck. So he's just our little monster :) He might hear that more than he hears Michael lol
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  • My little girl's name is Emma Lynn, and honestly i really haven't mixed her name into a nickname... I do call her M, but mainly at home i called her "Boob" cause she feels like a part of my boob (she STAYS there lol) but at family's house i call her "Pod" which was her nickname in the womb "Pea Pod"...
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