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Diaper pail? Alternatives?

Those of you not using a diaper pail, what are you using in your nursery? Although I did receive one, I am starting to wonder whether I will actually need it, esp since the refills are quite $$ for diaper disposals!


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Re: Diaper pail? Alternatives?

  • This is my plan as I saw the diaper genie as a complete waste and am the oldest of 6 kids. We learned how to do this economy style a while ago. My option is plastic bags (like the grocery ones that they always bag your groceries in so they are free Big Smile ). You can make a handy little holder for them or just use a cute bag you may already have or use an old kleenex box. I just drop the diaper in, twist, fold it back over, and tie. I also have my old garbage can from my college dorm days that has a top on it that I will just drop them into. The good thing is that it is small enough to use a grocery bag as the garbage bag and I just take the bag and tie it up each day and throw in the main garbage which goes out every day or every other at our house. 
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  • Our house is not all that big. We learned with DS it was easier to just throw diapers in the dumpster outside. It may not work for everyone, but that's what worked best for us. With DS we had started with the Diaper champ, but his room still was really stinky even after the bag was taken out.

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  • I'm going with the stainless garbage can. DH was set that we were getting the Arm and Hammer pail. I've FINALLY talked him out of it. The refills are so expensive. This seems to be a popular question in the Nurseries and Baby Gear section and I've heard lots of good things about just having a stainless garbage can. I'm excited that it can be used in different rooms after baby too!

    This item is actually on my black friday list! Bed Bath and Beyond have had them on sale in the past and with a coupon I hope to get a steal (if not I'll buy it anyways!).

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  • We got a small Simplehuman trash can from Target with a step lid.  It has a liner in it that can come out for cleaning.  Plastic trash bags from the grocery store fit in it perfectly!  I take the poopy diapers outside right away but DH doesn't & it has never been a problem.


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  • I got a diaper genie for my registry. I really wanted one. I have friends who have babies and I can tell when I walk in the door of their house if they are using a diaper pail like a diaper or genie or just a trash can. Plus I have dogs that would probably knock over a trash can to get to dirty diaper if they could. 
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  • I didn't put one on my registry because I don't see the point, the refills are so expensive. I'd rather throw it in an old shopping bag (we have a ton)

    My MIL has said she wants to get us one though, I explained why I didn't plan on getting one and I think she still wants to. I guess it is up to her.

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  • FTM here so this is in no way a proven process, but we've purchased a stainless steel trash can with lid that you open with a foot pedal. I plan to keep an arm and hammer stick on freshner inside it and also use the febreeze kitchen garbage bags that we use in our kitchen trash can (they'll be a little big, but not bad).  Then, I've also registered for some boxes of disposable diaper bags from babies-r-us to wrap the poop diapers in before they go into the trash can.  I figure this will hopefully allow us to have to empty the can every couple of days or so.  Wish us luck!

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  • Ours is technically a diaper pail but not one that needs expensive refills. A coworker of DHs and some friends of mine all recommended that you just bag the diapers individually in small trash bags (you can get inexpensive ones in large quantities at Target and other such places) and throw them in the pail and throw out the large bag every day or every other day. We'll also keep those Arm & Hammer deodorizers in the pail to help keep the smell down.
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  • My family always flushed the waste and then rolled the diaper up. That way you don't have completly dirty diapers sitting in the trash can.

    Even though the nursery is not right next to our bathroom, I may do this.

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    We have a trash can similiar to this and I bought these (see below) and some 3mm sticky to stick them on the lid-on the inside of the trash can to help with the smell :) cheaper and saves me some space!



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  • Thanks! I am going to try the steel can and freshner and see how that works!
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