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Tips on how to make it through sleep deprevation

Ladies, can you give me any tips on making it through the sleep deprevation I am currently going through.  I have twin girls, almost 2 weeks ( I know, I know still SUPER young) and they have me up all night.  During the day, best babies ever.  They sleep and dont' care if they have their paci's or not.  Night time, totally different.  They freak out when their paci's fall.  Just some advice on how to make it though these times. 



Re: Tips on how to make it through sleep deprevation

  • When my son was a newborn and waking up every 1.5-2 hours at night, I started listening to my iPod during his feedings. It kept me from nodding off and kind of took the edge off I guess. It won't make you feel less tired during the day or anything, but it helped me get through that time at night when all you want to do is sleep. That and realizing that this won't last forever! (And it didn't last very long until he started spacing out his feedings). 
  • I'm sure you've heard to sleep when they sleep, but I know its hard to do when you have laundry, bottles to clean, and a ton of other stuff going on.

    Are you doing anything to switch their days and nights? During the day I leave the blinds open and make noise if I have to. My LO was able to adjust easily after awhile and she sleeps one 4 hour stretch and then a 3 hour stretch almost every night. I know its probably harder with twins to get them on the same relative schedule, but just a thought if you aren't already doing something.

    As for the pacis falling out...I've heard that while their sucking on them, tug on them a little bit so they pull it back in on their own. It helps them to learn to hold on to them when they are falling out. It might take awhile but hopefully they'll pick it up soon!


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  • Coffee. Lots of coffee.

    I also started DVRing shows that I like and watching them during those 3am feedings to help keep me awake. It worked.

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  • i agree with the ipod suggestion--it helps. just stay does get better. i did not believe anyone when i heard this but once i made it through the first month (ebf) it got a little better.

  • Cliche, but you just have to sleep during the day when they don't have older children, right?  If you do, then that's a whole new ball game....try to start some kind of bedtime/wind down routine too.  Can your husband help out?   At least on weekends? 
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  • I know of one mom with twins that would sleep at night in a recliner with a baby on each side.  That way you can nurse or put the pacifier in more easily?  It does get easier...there is just a period of survival mode that you have to get through first.  Good luck! 

    See if you can get SO to do a shift at night so you can get one 3-4hr chunk of sleep yourself.  I found I really need more than 2hr increments to feel human.  A book that helped me was the Baby Whisperer for setting up a schedule.

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  • I would read a good book while nursing and that made it easier in the middle of the night. Similar to other's suggestions of TV or iPod.

    I know this doesn't help you now, because I felt like my daughter's lack of sleep and crying issues were never going to end, but it truly does get better and quickly. My DD is only 11 weeks and I already feel like those completely sleepless nights were in a different lifetime...probably because I have no memory of them since I was so sleep deprieved. I would repeat to myself "This too shall pass..." and it has.

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