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Conversations with my boss. RE: ttc

So I switched departments two months ago and with it my boss changed. I have had no issues and my company has a great flex opportunity when you need off early or need to come in late. You can "flex" up to 4 hours/month used in two seperate occassions with the time being made up in the same week. No bigge.

 Well now we get into the "fun" part of ttc with clomid. I have to go get day 21 bloodwork....well that falls on a friday this month and there is one lab location open at 6 am so I will make that work. Then I call the ob office. I literally make my next appointment the day af shows next month if i do not get pregnant. The nurse says they do it all of the time. I call cd1 and they squeeze me in that day or first thing the next day...say what?

I go to my boss and try to explain to him that I may have to use some "flex time" without the usual 24 hour notice because I may have a doctor's appointment that i cannot schedule until the day of. I was essentially trying to explain it without saying look the first day of my next period I have to go see my doctor if I do not get pregnant this month. I eventually skirted it by telling him I was undergoing some fertility treatments and they were time sensetive and unfortunately cannot be planned in advance. That caught understanding until he said "Well as long as this is not a monthly, recurring thing..." FAIL. I wanted to laugh or cry or both really (darn hormones) but instead I calmly replied, "Everyone involved hopes things get resolved quickly but feritlity issues tend to have a mind of their own." and smiled sweetly. Which I believe finally clicked because he told me to put it in writing...

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Re: Conversations with my boss. RE: ttc

  • Didn't you just wanna say....yeah..."those d*** periods have a way of being monthly and recurring. I have tried to see about getting them changed, but it seems to involve birth control....which would not help me have babies"

    Stepping off my misdirected snark box....

  • My RE does everything at 7:15 in the morning.  I swear we practically live there.  And we live 45 mins away and are not morning people.   I keep having panicky moments when we have to go to the RE when I have 9am meetings.  Especially because my director keeps making snarky 'funny' comments about how disruptive maternity leave is, and I have NO interest in telling them I'm ttc.  This whole thing sucks!!  But I hope it's not a re-occuring thing for you!!
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  • Calling on CD1 for an appointment is totally normal - they will have a regular appt for you and you won't feel "squeezed" in.

    Just try to make appoints as early or late as possible and you may be able to avoid the whole flex situation.

    Good luck!


  • Our RE offered appointments starting at 7 am for regular CD visits - we were almost always out of there by 7:45. hopefully it'll go well for you.
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