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Sorry in advance - I'm going to post and run...but...

My periods the last few months have been all out of whack. I attributed it to diet/exercise changes because I've been eating differently than normal and changed up my weight lifting/cardio routine in September. Last month I was about 2 weeks late...this month 2 weeks early. Fine - I can deal with them being off.

But this cycle has been weird. I've had horrible cramps (not normal at all for me), very light bleeding, but have been passing what seems to me to be really large clots. I'm on day 4 of it now, so normally it'd be tapering off by now. This is true for the flow, but I'm still having really large clots, which usually come after a bout of the bad cramps. 

I don't think there's any chance I could have been pg. I mean, yes, I could have, but we're being super careful. Is this something I need to call the OB about? I have my annual in a few weeks and I'll be talking to her about it then for sure, but the clotting thing has kind of concerned me a bit and I don't dare google it because then I'm sure to freak myself out :)

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  • Is your OB's nurse easily reachable by phone? I'd call her and at least ask, that way you won't have to wonder. I'm sure they can give you a threshold for what's normal/not and when they would want to see you--a certain amt of blood loss, a certain amt of days, etc.

     Sorry you're having this problem!

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  • I had a VERY similar AF this last time, except for the cramps.  Really light flow, maybe 3 days max (normal for me is about 4-5 days with a bit of spotting afterwards) and the first or second day I passed a huge clot.  The only thing I really did differently this cycle was to take herbs on days 1-3 of the cycle per my fertility acupuncturist that are supposed to "clear out" the old lining in preparation for the new lining to develop.  Oh and all the acupuncture stuff as well.  But I took about 5 HPTs and all very negative so it wasn't a pregnancy either.  And I'm taking low-dose asprin every day now per my OB so it seems like clots would be less likely, not more.

    Let me know if you find out anything else.  

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  • What does "being super careful" mean? bc, condoms, charting, pull & pray?

    I probably wouldn't call my OB unless i really thought there was a chance i could have been pregnant. then i'd actually probably take a pg test before i called because if i had been pregnant it would maybe show up on a test. Otherwise i'd probably wait.

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  • image jml5q:

    What does "being super careful" mean? bc, condoms, charting, pull & pray?

    condoms + charting and avoiding during fertile times.

    I think I'll call my nurse's line tomorrow if it's still going on. The last one was probably 3" long and 1-2" wide. I always have some clotting, but this is much larger than normal and I'd just like the peace of mind! :)

  • Wow, that is a very large clot. I would definitely call. I hope it turns out to be nothing!
  • I've had issues like this in the past, but never as severe as what it sounds like you're going through. My OB said that if the clot is larger than a golf ball to always call
  • image mrs.wildman:
    I've had issues like this in the past, but never as severe as what it sounds like you're going through. My OB said that if the clot is larger than a golf ball to always call

    I think you should call your OB because the clots sounds larger than are normal for you.  I do want you to know though that you can have clots that big and it doesn't mean that you are bleeding to death.  I have clots like you are describing every month.  I'm not normal though.  :)

  • For those who don't normally get clots - Clots don't always come from the uterus. Clots can occur when the menstral flow normally collected by a pad or tampon pools in the vagina instead (laying down/tampon is saturated). That blood sticks together, forming a clot which is then passed from the body. Happens a lot to moms post partum who lay down for a long time and then stand up and pass "a clot". And yes, Kiarox is right, you can have clots and it can be normal.

    However, weird/rapid changes in menstral flow should be investigated by your doctor. It could be nothing, it could be something. Pregnancy aside,abnormal bleeding changes can be an early sign of cancer and should not be ignored. Abnormal bleeding is the #1 sign of Uterine Cancer.

    I feel strongly this is something that should be checked by your doctor. Ask specifically if you may be at risk for cancer and mention any family history. Do keep track of everything and keep asking questions if you don't feel satisfied with their answers or if you have any other concerns.

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  • I'd go ahead and call my OBGYN, however I will say I had this happen to me once about 9 mths ago when my periods got out of wack.  I had the same thing that you had - where I had a period 6 wks after my last, then 2 wks after that, then 5 wks.  The 6 wk period was really light, and then the 2 wk period was horribly heavy with bad cramping & clotting.  I checked with my OBGYN, and they basically said if I was filling >1 pad/hr, then I needed to get to come in, otherwise, keep monitoring.  She also said to make sure to take a vitamin or iron b/c of the increased flow that month.

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  • Sorry - I forgot to come back and update!

    I called yesterday and asked to speak to my OB and not a nurse. I finally got a call back late in the afternoon and she asked me a whole bunch of questions and afterward said that she's fairly confident it's due to my diet/exercise changes or some random occurrence, but we'll talk more at my annual on 11/16 and she's going to run bloodwork as well then just to be on the safe side. She told me that she's really not concerned at all, though.Can't say I'm completely at peace with it, but I'm glad my annual is coming up and I can talk to her in person about it soon!

    Thanks for the advice!

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