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Part-time lurker with a BG question

I CD both of my boys (who are now 7 and 10) years ago, and my head is spinning with the options available these days!  I'm currently leaning toward a whole stash of Bum Genius 4.0s with snaps for my babies, and yes I know it's a little early in the process, but we'll need to plan for this.  So my question, I used to be a big Fuzzi Bunz kind of girl and really liked how the poop didn't stick to the fleece.  Is that the same with the BGs lining?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Part-time lurker with a BG question

  • My DD has softer poops and I definitely need a liner or a sprayer to get her poop off our BG's.
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  • The BG lining is very similar to the Fuzzibunz liner.  I don't know if they feel exactly the same.  I have some of both, plus flip covers and pfs, which I use the most.
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  • We use BGs & get the poop off pretty easily w/a plastic spoon.
  • About 1/2 of our stash is BG and we don't have any more or less trouble getting poop out of them than out of our fleece lined diapers.
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