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*Cute lunch check-in*

Still no baby, so I've still got plenty of time/energy for making cute lunches ... let's see what next week brings! PIP your cute lunches here!

Halloween lunches are so easy! Haunted house sandwich with cheese details and a chewy treat roof, golden tomatoes on picks, a tower of carrots and apples (I used a metal cookie cutter to cut the outline and just peeled off the peel with a paring knife).

I know there's nothing here for scale, but this triple-decker container is very small and perfect for throwing in a bunch of assorted foods from the fridge. As soon as I set it in front of her, DD remarked that this lunch had all the colors of the rainbow except purple. From left: Quesdadilla strips, baby carrots, tomatoes on a pick, hard boiled egg, kiwi and cut up string cheese in a blue container. I also included in the picture one of our kids pitchers. I often let DD pour her own drinks. It makes her feel very grown-up, it's a little pouring practice and it's another element of fun. The chick pitcher is cute but is actually a little tricky to pour.

Yuck - these apples turned brown really quickly after being cut and I didn't have any lemon juice to stop it. DD went fishing that morning, so this was a fishing themed lunch. So the apples are "boats" (with masking tape on tooth picks for the sails), a sealed sandwich with a dolphin cheese cutout (I was too lazy to search for the fish cutter), snap pea crisps, golden tomatoes, cucumbers and a small container of chocolate sunflower seed "bait."

Puppies! I cooked an extra scrambled egg at breakfast, cooking it in a thin sheet. At lunch, I used a heart cookie cutter to make an egg & cheese sandwich. Scraps of egg are used to make the dog ears, which are attached with bow picks. Purple grapes, cucumbers and snap pea crisps separated with a silicone sheet round out this small-ish lunch.

And here's a shameless PIP of my DD playing with pumpkin pie playdough and using lots of bento supplies, cookie cutters and other kitchen tools. Every time she plays with this stuff, I feel a little less guilty about buying so much! I used this recipe for the playdough and my DD has really enjoyed playing with it. It smells really good! http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/pumpkin-pie-play-dough-674772/

PIP your cute lunches here! Your little ones will love it and I promise it's not as hard as it looks!

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Re: *Cute lunch check-in*

  • Your lunches are so cute!  I'll admit that I still don't have my act together to make cute lunches very often (or, um, at all!) but I was inspired to get a bento box lunch box for my daughter and will soon get some of the cute picks and cups to go with it.  She loves it and it's the perfect way for her to eat all the bite sized nibbles of fresh fruits and veggies that she loves so much.  Keep posting...I love the ideas...and maybe one day I'll actually get to make some cute lunches myself!


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