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Thoughts on nail polish

Not looking for any heated debate - just what are your thoughts on it?  Do you let your kids wear nail polish?  Starting at what age are they allowed or will they be allowed?  Any particular reasons one way or another?

DD was asking for nail polish because her school friend does.  I told her I don't have any (which is actually the truth - I only have dark red and some other colors I don't think are appealing to a 4 year old). She dropped it, so until she asks again I will just wait on it.

Also I'd want her to wear something like Piggy Paint, a polish with less chemicals (as long as I need to shop for polish anyway).  I feel like I would limit it to special occasions.  But in general I had never thought about it.  Kind of like pierced ears - until she asks, I'm not to worried about sweating over it.  Just curious what you guys have done / your thoughts.

Re: Thoughts on nail polish

  • She gets it done about once a month at my parent's house.  Generally my mom paints her toes an outrageous color ... pink/purple/blue, but if she does her nails, it has to be a flesh-y tone. I really don't have nail polish for myself, so it was never a question when she is here.  I think she was about 3.5 when my mom started.  At first it was just her toes, so I didn't have to worry about her chewing her nails, but as time has gone on she gets her nails done more often.

    I am pretty laid back about things like that, so I may be on the early end of the spectrum, but it worked for us.

  • I've been painting DD's toenails (pink, purple, sparkly) for about a year now.  She loves getting them done. I've only done her fingers with a light pink once or twice.
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  • I paint DD's toes all the time.  She loves it!  As for her finger nails, she wants them painted, but I won't do it because she still sucks her thumb.  I told her that when she was done sucking her thumb THEN I would paint her finger nails. 
    DD~6 years old~born June 6, 2008 (1st grade)
    DS~4 years old~born November 6, 2010 (1st year of preschool)
  • I painted DD's toenails for the first time when she was around 2. Now that she no longer has her hands in her mouth, I do her fingers, too. I do whatever color she requests - today her fingers are orange and her toes are purple with flower stickers. I'm conservative about a lot of things, but I'm fine with colorful nails.
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  • I do it when she asks - which is every few months.  I bought a pack of Tinkerbell or Hello Kitty kids polishs from Target over the summer - they are all sparkly pink, purple and blue.  We were at Ulta few weeks ago and I picked out some new polishes for me and she saw a bright pink she liked so I got it for her. 
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  • She can't have them painted anytime she wants...its usually a pink or purple (girly) but not hooker red.  No offense but I think u are overthinking nail polish : 0


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  • She gets hers done when I think about it and has had both the regular and Piggy Polish.  I prefer the Piggy Polish as well but it does come off quickly.  DD loves having it done but I do so infrequently.  Doesn't really bother me.  

    DD -- 5YO
    DS -- 3YO

  • I paint the girls toes & finger occasionally. We only own pink, purple & white sparkly shades so far. Some are piggy pants, some not.  I'm not opposed to any color including red when the time comes. Sometimes, I'll use painting their nails as a reward. They love it & we have fun doing it. We started painting around 12-18months old.

    If you do go with piggy paint, it helps to use the hair dryer on the low setting to dry the nails. It's on the instructions & it does make it last a little longer.  

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  • I started about a year ago and I use all colors, mostly pinks though, just because that's what I mainly use for myself. I actually have to redo hers today so it'll go with her Halloween costume. She loves getting them done and I don't see anything wrong with it.
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  • I rarely do mine, although the last time I did, DD1 was asking questions about it. I'm sure the next time I paint my toes, she'll ask to have hers painted, too. 

    I painted hers once -- bright pink -- and it just looked weird to me. Kind of too grown up, I guess. I took it off the next day. 

    I may put some Piggy Paint in her stocking, though. Or use a very pale/sparkle only color on her the next time I paint my toes. :)


    DD1, 1/5/2008 ~~~ DD2, 3/17/2010
  • I ahve no issue putting nail polish on my girls.  They both suck their thumb (older DD just stoped but still does at night sometimes so I don't polish the thumbs) and they have been getting it put on from time to time since around age 2.  I tend to stick to fun colors and little girl colors like pink, blues, oranges, yellow.  I have bought the piggy paint and while I love the idea of it - it so does not last and I am bummed that I bought as much as I have as it really just does last and I have both the top and base coats that they sell as well.  I sometimes do sparkles and both my kids schools teachers will sometimes do the kids nails (they have always asked permission and one school even has it included on the permission slips that are part of the start of school year packet).  I think its fun and harmless.  On the whole ear piercing thing - I that one I am waiting until my girls are old enough to take care of them on their own - I was 8 when I got mine done and am thinking about keeping that tradition!  My sisters got their kids done at 6 and one had to take them out as she just didn't care for them and got them redone when she was a few years older.
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  • imageshopgirl78:

    She can't have them painted anytime she wants...its usually a pink or purple (girly) but not hooker red.  No offense but I think u are overthinking nail polish : 0


    I agree with this, and this poster seems to over think a lot!
  • Just a little background - I was adopted by my grandmother and I was NEVER allowed to wear nail polish.  When I was prob 10 I snuck and put on clear nail polish and my grandmother flipped out.  I never got in the habit of wearing nail polish, so it was more of a curiosity as to when you guys started with your kids.  I lived in an extremely strict household.

    My verdict was basically she cannot wear the blood red nail polish I have, so next time I think of it I will buy her piggy polish for next time she asks.

  • We've painted DD's toes for a while now. She loves having her toes done. DH's sister really likes to do it up and make her think she's getting a real pedicure... she gets a kick out of it. I don't think she would sit still enough to let us paint her fingernails or let them dry without messing up yet. Thankfully- she hasn't asked us too at this point- but I wouldn't have a problem with it.

    As for the piggy paint, we bought some this summer for DD while on vacation and I was extremely disappointed. It didn't stay on her toes for a day before it just started flaking off.

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  • I have no problem with it. We sometimes do our toes for fun, although I never do my nails since we don't have a dishwasher so it washes off too quickly to bother. At this point if I'm painting my own toe nails I have to expect to do 3 sets. They get a kick out of it, so it's fine with me!
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  • DD is a girly girl and had been getting her nails painted for a while now. Only very light colors though. No reds or dark polish. Mostly light pink. Once in a while we'll do a little bit or a darker pink but she's sometimes happy with a clear coat.

    On a side note DD asked to get her ears pierced a few months ago. She did awesome and picked out simple studs.

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