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Need to vent!!

Hey ladies, just need to vent, because I'm pretty PO'ed right now...

Our neighbors in the suite upstairs from us have been smoking pot in the house consistently for the past few months, and even after three written warnings, the landlord doesn't want to evict because he can't afford to lose the rent!  My husband and I have both talked to the neighbors, even before talking to the landlord, without result.  So we went to the landlord, and he hasn't been getting results either, and when he gave them the third warning they apparently got nasty with him saying he was infringing on their rights to use their rented space how they please, even though he specifically told them "NO SMOKING IN MY HOUSE".  So not only are they disobeying that rule, they are doing so with an ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE!  (I'm not against anyone who smokes pot, and I'm not an anti-pot person, I just don't like smelling it in my home, especially when I shouldn't have to according to the landlords rules.  And, it is technically still illegal.  And I'm pretty certain they don't have any medical need for it.)

So, here I sit, with a major headache because these jack-holes upstairs can't get it through their heads they aren't supposed to smoke weed in the house, and my landlord won't do anything about it because he doesn't want to lose the rent.  This is getting to the point of absurd around here...  

And the really crappy thing is there's not much we can do.  This is the only affordable place in town that is decent enough to live in...  The landlord is working on buying another house in the neighborhood and would rent that suite to us for the same price, but that's going to take months and I really am at my wits end with these guys!  They are being so completely inconsiderate, not just of my husband and I, but of our landlord by refusing to take the weed outside.  It's no problem for them to smoke cigarettes outside it seems, but their dope needs to be smoked inside for some reason...  GRRRR!!!  I'm just so angry right now!!!

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Re: Need to vent!!

  • You could definitely call the police, it's an illegal substance so they would be arrested. :)
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  • I would be calling the police as well. Maybe the non-emergency line and mention that you've talked to your landlord and he isnt' able to assist you with the problem. They should be able to let you know if they can help, and what else to do.
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  • The police around here don't go out for calls like that, unless the neighbor is also being aggressive, but not many pot smokers are very aggressive... 

    But, it looks like the problem is fixing itself!  After my husband pointed it out this afternoon, the problem with the smell only started after our neighbor upstairs got a new roommate this August.  Well, said roomy hasn't been paying his portion of the rent, and is getting the boot from the original neighbor.  So, once the other guy is gone, we'll see what happens!  December can't come quickly enough for me!

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