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How is Nate doing with his tubes? Did it make any difference in his hearing?

Re: assembly required

  • During the surgery the dr said she suctioned out a lot of goop from the left ear and nothing from the right ear. We had followup testing 6 weeks later and were able to gain about 10 dbs in the left. (Woot!)  I asked about doing another ABR and she said since we get good behavioral information from him that it is unecessary.

    We were also able to get a good bone condution test on him also at that time and his bone conduction line is higher than both of his ear lines so this was somewhat of a mystery to the ENT. I guess if there is no conductive component the bone conduction line should be almost equal to the ear lines? Thena again, maybe his processing speed is also affecting the test results.

    Both tubes were blocked with dried blood and goop so the typanograms were flat when he was tested. I have been working on getting them unplugged with hydo peroxide and water drops. I managed to get the left side open but the right is still alluding me. I love that we can look in the ears and get tymps anytime at school. I am not so worried about the right side still being blocked because I know that side has been draining. (I think!)

    So, no big miracle from St. Katherine Drexel, but I ain't gonna sneeze at 10db! Thanks for asking.

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