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Looking For Pumpkin Patch in Stone Oak area

I'm just looking for a pumpkin patch in the SO area.  We've been to the larger ones in the past, but we are new to Stone Oak and just looking for an area to take some quick pumpkin pictures and buy pumpkins.  Thanks!!

Re: Looking For Pumpkin Patch in Stone Oak area

  • A couple years ago there was a pumpkin patch up 281 past evans and all that stuff at a church, not sure if it is still there.

    There is a patch on Stahl Rd. Between O'conner and Judson rd. I know that isn't stone oak, but its at a small church, and they had LOTS ast time I drove past.

    Where else have I seen one.... nope that is the only one, besides one up in Buda. 

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