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Are you dressing your LO up?  We got E (6 months old) a ladybug costume last night from Costco but I think it's kinda silly since we will probably only stay here to answer the door. I think I would feel guilty if I didn't dress her up!  She does have a  "my first Halloween" onzie to wear to daycare and a little handmade pumpkin cap. A and I forgot about the pumpkin pjs!   What are your plans for your LO?
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Re: Halloween?

  • I know its past Halloween but just thought I'd weigh in..... My DH and I haven't dressed our DS up yet. I feel like if they aren't trick or treating why waste the money on a costume. Also it kills me to see parents taking the LO trick or treating when they cant even talk yet and don't even have a full mouth of teeth b/c lets face it they probably are only taking them so they can eat the candy.
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