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Way to go Cards!!!

Re: Way to go Cards!!!

  • YAY CARDS!!!  My husband has declared our next child will be named David Freese...

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  • We are excited to have our baby in the Card's victory year!! Just bought a little 3-6 month Cardinals t-shirt!!
  • That is to weird my husband said the same thing during game 7, he's like our child will be named David Freese!

    Which we told the family, which Grandpa does not approve "Your really not going to name your kid Freese are you?" is what he said I replied "Talk to your grandson, he has 1/2 rights naming of our child."

    Also found out that my friends b/f asked her if I should of been drinking during the game if I'm pregnant, to funny. Not pregnant yet and maybe we will change our minds about naming our child David Freese.


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