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Bradley Method Birthing Classes

Did anyone take these classes? Recommendations for teachers? Thanks!


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Re: Bradley Method Birthing Classes

  • We did and I would highly highly recommend them! They are so informative not only about birthing med-free but also just about pregnancy and labor and delivery in general. I felt 100% prepared and confident after taking these classes and I know that it was a HUGE help for DH. He generally is not someone who likes taking classes and I usually have to drag him to things like this kicking and screaming and even he enjoyed them and really felt like they were useful.

    Our instructor was Maren Rausch. I don't know if she is still doing the classes but you can look on the Bradley website for a list of teachers in the area-- FWIW the classes are about 12 weeks and arent generally run back to back. I didn't look into taking the classes until I was like 12 weeks along and there was only 1 set of classes that worked for me that meant we could do all 12 classes before I delivered. We started the classes when I was around 20 weeks and we were glad that we started early since I had some complications towards the end and was induced early. GL!

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  • Thank you so much! Your instructor is still doing classes, but there is a woman closer to me that I contacted. I think we are definitely going to sign up. DH wants to be very involved and this seemed like the best class for that.
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  • We took Bradley from Maren as well.  Ditto everything Lauren said!
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