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Winter coats and carseats....

So I bought Ky a winter coat yeasterday because she will need one for some things with how cold it gets around here. I know that winter coats and car seats do not mix. Just to test the theory I put Ky in her new coat in her carseat and buckled it. Then I took her out (without loosening the straps any) and went to snap her in without the coat. There was a HUGE difference. So here is the question: how exactly do you keep your kid safe and warm when they are too big to ride in an infant carrier? I mean that thing was a pita but it was nice to be able to snap her in, tuck a blanket around her and then throw another one over the whole thing before going outside. We live in an apratment (for another two months anyway) and I sometimes have to walk quite a bit to get to my car in the morning. I do go out and start it to warm it up but I still have to get her from the house to the car. Even after we move what do we do when we go out places like the mall or a store? Put her coat on when we get there?? Maybe I am over thinking this but I am a little low on sleep this week so please help!

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Re: Winter coats and carseats....

  • I usually stick LO in a lighter weight hoodie or jacket.  Her winter coat is one of those 2-in-1 so I usually just have her wear the inside layer to and from the car.  I know some moms put the kid in the car seat and put the jacket on backwards. 
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  • I have found that down coats squish down much better than other types of jackets and keep them warm and aren't too bulky. For the last several years, we've bought down coats from Lands End when they were on sale.
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  • we use fleeces or sweaters - between those and warming up the car, the kids are fine.  Then when we arrive at our destination, the big coat goes on. 
  • Our daughters are 4 & 5 and since they have been out of the infant carrier I just loosen the straps a bit for winter. Once I have them straped in snug I usually unzip the coat and remove the hat so they dont get to hot.

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