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Feedback on nanny recommendation letter

Hi, all -

So, we have the most awesome nanny of all time. She's looking for work on the days when she's not with us, so she asked for a recommendation letter. I've never done/read nanny recommendation letters before, so I figured I'd come to you all for advice. What do you think about it?


It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for ___. ___ has been caring for our son since he was 4 months old. He is now 13 months old.

A self-admitted control freak, I at first had trouble even contemplating the notion of leaving my baby with anyone other than my wife. However, my return-to-work date was fast approaching, so we needed to find someone to care for our son. Enter ___, who came to us highly recommended by a friend from our church. Over the course of our first meeting, my fears dissipated. J clearly liked her, and she obviously knew what she was doing (much more so than we, as first-time parents, did).

Over these past few months, ___ has time and again shown us she is the complete nanny package. She is loving, caring, thoughtful, and energetic, and J  absolutely adores her. (Does he cry when we leave the house and ___ is there? No. Does he cry when one of us leaves the house, even if the other mom is there with him? Yes.) She engages our son intellectually, helps him practice his motor skills, and takes him on fun outings (to the Children's Museum and to the Aquarium, for instance) - all on her own initiative. She also makes him delicious food, does his laundry, and helps out with whatever we need, often without even being asked. On his birthday, for instance, she arrived early - we were still out shopping for last-minute things we needed - and started making party food. It wasn't even a workday for her. She's often unexpectedly awesome like that.

Another thing we really appreciate is that she keeps us in the loop with new things he's doing; whenever there's a new development or he's doing something particularly adorable, she takes photos and sends them to us over the course of the day. To a mom who would love to be there for everything, that's an amazing gift.

I could go honestly go on and on describing other great things about our experience with ___. I would be happy to answer any specific questions you have. Please feel free to contact me by email, and we'll set up a time to talk.

Best regards,



Re: Feedback on nanny recommendation letter

  • It's clear to me & I'd hire her. 

    I often look for "what is this person NOT saying" or are they asking me to read between the lines?  Nope--you love her. 

  • Thanks for your feedback, EratMama! Smile
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  • Looks great to me!
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  • Looks good...and I am currently looking for a nanny to start in January so I am reading a lot of recommendations.  I would hire her.  Actually, where do you live? :)

  • Thanks, ladies!

    Smile @ mrl02 - we are in Boston. She really is amazing - I've often wished she could be my nanny! Stick out tongue 

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