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LO 4month checkup

I couldn't wait to find out how much he's grown.  16lbs, 26 1/2 inches and doc says he's on the slendor size.  Huh??? I said he's so chunky, but doc was basing it on his height and weight together. 

LO took the 1st shot like a champ, the second, not so well but no temp this time and his not cranky.  The best part was that doc said he could try cereals, fruit, vegy's, juice and meats. He says some start with meats first but I decided to try bananas using the Ninja (which I love) and he seemed to do well.  I can tell it'll be some time still with the tongue thing, but with work he'll be fine.

The doctor suggested I start now being that LO who never tossed his cookies and started vomitting after every feeding.  So the doctor said the milk was no longer enough and he needs something else to hold it down. 

We started yesterday and LO hasn't had a bowl movement since then, I hope this isn't causing him any problems.  If he doesn't go by tomorrow I'll call in the office to see what I should/shouldn't be doing.  Anyone else have this issue 1st starting out?

Re: LO 4month checkup

  • Yay big boy!

    And DS has always been a pro-pooper, but it did become more, ahem, solid after he started solids so I could see how that  stop some LO's up.

  • Nice! He is just a nice size (really, it's easier on your back, chunkers are hard work). Try some fruit mixed in the cereal if he gets too stuck, it will smooth things out without going explosive.

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  • Good job growing T'Kai! :) 

    It is nice to hear that there are 2 4month shots instead of 3. We will be doing that soon.  

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  • We have never actually gave E. cereal. We started with pureed vegetables and fruit. Now she eats small pieces of bread to get her daily dose of starch.
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  • Thank you for the feedback.  He went poo today and boy did he go! I was never so happy to see that before today. We tried peas today.  I steamed them then puree in the Ninja and then strained them.  His face was priceless and he kept literally spitting it out.  I tried to start carrots today but I couldn't get the consistency right.  I'll try again tomorrow.
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