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Decaf coffee (water process) question

I just found out last Friday I am pregnant and I am six weeks today! I've been doing some research about decaf coffee and heard some mixed reviews. Does anyone know if it is ok to drink decaf coffee while pregnant, especially if the beans have been decaffeinated using a water process rather than chemicals? Thanks!

Re: Decaf coffee (water process) question

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    You can drink regular coffee as long as you stay within the mg limit recommendation . You will thank yourself later when constipation sets in.
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    My reading says ~200mg/day.  Even my tiny bottles of Mt Dew (for use only in project deadline emergencies) have only 54mg.
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    If I drank decaf, I'd stick to the water process to be safe. Chemical decaffeination is not something I'd expose baby too - same for decaf tea.  But for small amounts probably not a huge deal in reality.

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    While I've had to grant myself a small cup of regular once or twice a week just to manage an almost 3 year old, (I completely cut caffeine but for chocolate last time) I drink decaf everyday. We have a Tassimo and the Gevalia decaf is water processed. Because I drink that daily, I prefer it that way.

    My doctor did OK one small cup of regular a day and said she wouldn't have survived her own pregnancies without that!

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    My OB told me that decaf via water filtration is the best way to go but that a cup of caffeinated coffee/day was okay. The Kaiser system recommends only 125mg caffeine/day and a cup of coffee is usually 90mg (sometimes up to 140mg). I started out in the first few weeks doing half caff and then decaf and am now only drinking a cup of regular coffee once a week. 
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    My Sister told me that organic de caff is safe since they don't use all those harmful chemicals..  I am not a coffee drinking but its good when you are constipated. 
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    I just found out I'm pregnant, and am five weeks.  I have heard that the only danger in drinking decaf coffee (other than the chemicals, which can be avoided using Swiss Water Decaffeination) is the risk of dehydration.  You know the old rule: for every one cup of coffee, drink 3 glasses of water.  
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    Water process is actually preferable IMHO. However, you can drink fully leaded or water-process decaf in moderation.

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