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Question about Dermoplast spray?

I went to Walmart to get pads, etc... and got some Dermoplast spray.  The only kind they had was in a red bottle.  The other night someone said to only use the kind in the blue can because the red can burns really bad.  Is that really the case because I can't find the kind in the blue can!  :(

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Re: Question about Dermoplast spray?

  • IDK, but my hospital supplied that to me, maybe yours will too?

  • The red bottle has an antibacterial ingredient in addition to the numbing component. I don't think you'll want to be spraying that anywhere near your lady parts after birth- especially if you have a repair. I used the red bottle on my legs due to pregnancy induced itching and it burned like crazy on my tiny open wounds. The hospital should supply the blue bottle. And ask your nurse for extra!!

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  • I accidentally bought the red bottle when i had DS because I couldnt find the blue bottle in stores.  I was too afraid to use it, so when I ran out of what the hospital gave me I just stopped using it.

    It is on Amazon though:



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  • I have seen the blue bottle at Target.
  • image sarahjames9:
    IDK, but my hospital supplied that to me, maybe yours will too?

    this. they sent me home with 3 bottles and I didn't even go through 2 of them.

  • I got it from the hospital too.  They even sent an extra bottle home.  It did have a blue I never tried the red. 
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  • I wasn't given Dermoplast-- I had Epifoam instead. I requested an extra bottle at discharge (just so I wouldn't run out) but I barely needed any of it.

    I would think your doc should be able to provide you with whatever you need!

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  • I just went to Target yesterday and only saw the red bottle so I asked the Pharmacist if they had any of the blue pain relief bottles... they did, but they keep it behind the counter for some reason.  So I was able to buy a bottle there.
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