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first day of therapy...

My 19 month old twins were just doagnosed with pdd-nos. They each get their own therapist for 2 hours each day. One of my guys , whos is ALWAYS happy and laughing, did terrible. Im assuming cause it was a stranger in here putting demands on him. She wasnt even that firm today, she said this week she is just gonna let them get to know her. He screamed and cried, and kicked his legs and arms and kept arching his back and laying on the ground.. I have seriously never seen him do this .... I hope this will pass quickly? Anyones child started like this, and then got better once they got more comfortable?

Re: first day of therapy...

  • DS2 has CP and is very leery of strangers. So pretty much the beginning of most sessions there are tears, especially if I'm not close enough or he isn't getting his way. LOL Therapy isn't about getting your way though so we just try to distract him and work through it. If he is really uncontrollable though we end the session early. In the year and a half we've been doing therapy I have only ever ended a session early once, MAYBE twice.

    Hopefully it will get better for your LO! 

  • I'm a therapist my self and I can tell you... It will pass. I take 4 to 5 sessions before I really start putting demands on my clients. Now I see them weekly so its about 4 and 5 weeks to adjust to the idea of therapy but it does get better. If it doesn't, you might consider changing therapists. Personality conflict occur whether we as therapist like them or not with high and low cognitive functioning individuals. I have been asked to change cases before and I have some that wouldn't change me for the world and have actually opted that when I go on maternity leave they would rather hold services than try a new therapist. It just happens. But it should get better. It might be the fact that your are there too. I find that some times my clients do WAY better when the parents aren't there or in a completely different part of the house, like the basement or upstairs. It puts the therapist into control and removes the whole " if I misbehave or cry enough mom will stop this and not make me do it" concept. It also might make the therapist feel more at ease when can make the child for more at ease. I also work within a behavior company and the number one thing listed on all of the behavior plans is keep your emotions controled and never discuss negative behavior infront of the individuals. Negative feelings/vibes can be "transmitted" from person to person.  Like when your in the grocery store and you can feel the person behind you has had a really bad day and they haven't even said anything. Same thing.  Hope this is helpful.  =)

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