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Potty Trained....I think...???

My 2.5 year old has been wearing panties since Aug....she does really good and only has a few accidents, even at night she is not in a pull up.  HOWEVER....It is only when we tell her she has to go potty....if she has to go and we dont ask her or just put her on the potty she will have an accident.  she has told us before that she has to go, most of the time it is when she has to go number 2 as well, but a majority of the time it is us just putting her on there every 2-3 hours... and there has even been times that i will ask her and she says no...and then 2 minutes later she will pee her pants!! what can i do to get her to tell us when she has to go??? please help!! we are having a baby in dec and i dont want to have her go backwards!! however when i tell her she will have to wear a diaper or pull up she cries and says they are too big!!

Re: Potty Trained....I think...???

  • I know I just have a young one, but I have been PTing her for a few weeks now and she was telling me all.the.time when she had to go, but all of a sudden stopped. I think it was because she mastered the skill, and didn't see a reason to keep practicing it (read this somewhere on the internet). So, against my better judgement I have been rewarding her with one M&M every time she tells me/pees/poops. This has renewed her interest and now she's wanting to go constantly, lol.

    Just a though, maybe add a reward that your DD is interested in...stickers..stars...as a last resort, candy? Sounds like she just needs some motivation to tell you, since she must be capable of doing it if my 17 month old can do it!

    GL I know it's frustrating at times!

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  • Does she get any rewards for telling you? Try a sticker chart. She can get one every time she tells you that she needs to go potty. If she has an accident, then she obviously won't get one. If she gets a reward (not a bribe) it should help her feel successful.

    And it should be expected that she will have accidents. It's probably going to keep happening every now and then. 

    Make sure it's a REWARD though and not a bribe. Do NOT tell her, "You can get a sticker/candy IF you tell us you need to go potty." That's a bribe. Just show her the new chart and tell her that when she goes potty she will get a sticker, then leave it at that. Then it needs to be up to HER to do the rest. Don't bring up the chart again. If she asks just tell her, "Yup! You're right. You can get a sticker when you go pee on the potty."

    It will eventually stick.

    Without trying to sell myself, this is the chart we are using:


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