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Baby Shower anxiety

Did any of you have anxiety before your shower?

It will be enjoyable, but I'm not used to the attention!!!! Plus I don't know what to expect because they've kept the planning under wraps.

Also, are there any good websites to look at cute baby shower photos?

Re: Baby Shower anxiety

  • I did!!! And I had 3 showers!  Luckily DH was at 2 of them, and I was the only person that was the center of attention.  You will probably be so busy, you won't even notice the day of though.
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  • I had some anxiety as well.  Not because I wasn't excited or super appreciative, but it can be a little overwhelming when you are the center of attention and you have no idea what to expect.  It will go fast though and I am sure you will feel much better once guests start arriving.
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  • YES!!! because my host told me that the 3 girls she was suppose to meet with, twice, flaked on her...

    so I called my mom and now she is helping. :)

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  • I didn't but I'm not shy.  I'm surprised at how many people feel so uncomfortable being "the center of attention".  Haven't you had to give speeches in class or give a presentation or idea at work or hosted parties?  I guess I've had to do that a lot and so I have no problem being the center of attention.  lol
  • I havent had my shower yet, its this coming weekend on the 5th, and I am getting super super anxious. This is the first time that dh's family and mine will be meeting (we had a super small wedding at the courthouse with hardly any family there) it will be all the ladies, on my mothers side of the family, my step dads side of the family and all the ladies from dh's it should be an interesting day
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