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Anyone have luck cutting bottles cold turkey?

I'm so over bottles.  I was trying to not do bottled at all this time since I was nursing, but I got pregnant when DD#2 was 9 months old and we only made  it to 10 months of nursing so we started the bottles. 

I'd like to just stop giving her bottles and only give sippy cups.  She drinks fine out of a sippy but still wants her bottle before naptimes and bedtime.

Has anyone had luck just cutting them out cold turkey and switching right to sippys for everything?

Re: Anyone have luck cutting bottles cold turkey?

  • DD hit 12 months, I handed her a sippy cup instead of a bottle.

    She never looked back. I'm not sure she noticed a change. 


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  • Yep, but she threw a fit about it for a day or so. I definitely think cold turkey is the way to go though. If she drinks fine from the sippy then I say go for it. Just don't give in and give her the bottle if she isn't drinking much milk from the sippy.
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  • Yep.  He was pissed for the first day but his love of food helped him get over it pretty quickly.
  • We did it cold turkey.  For the first two days or so, DD didn't drink much.  By the third day, she was drinking more.  She still doesn't drink as much as she did with a bottle, but I think that's fine at her age.  We just give her the sippy as often as possible, and remind her to drink it.   I was SO glad to be done with bottles!!  We used Dr. Browns, and there are about a million pieces to wash...
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  • We actually did this Sunday morning.  DD is 16 months old and we ran out of liners, so I decided now was the time.  She was getting a bottle as soon as she woke up and before bed.  She cried a lot Sunday morning, but eventually took the cup.  She didn't drink very much though.

    Sunday night she cried again, and relented eventually.  Monday morning, again, crying, then took it, though she didn't cry at all Monday night.  This morning she cried for a second but then I held her (vs. putting her in a little chair that she sits in to watch me get ready) and all was ok.  I was able to put her in her chair about 10 seconds later.

    So, I'd expect a fight, but be persistent and it'll be ok.  I have noticed she's drinking a lot less but I hope that increases over time.

  • We tried for a day or so to just do bottles at night, blah blah and I think it confuses them more. We just cut it out totally and she responded so much better.
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  • I cut bottles out cold turkey but my guys both ditched their bedtime bottles on their own so I think I got lucky. They've really not missed bottles.

    They were a bit pissed for a few days that they didn't get a bottle immediately on waking up in the morning but they got over it. I just put them in their chairs right away and get breakfast going and milk sippies in front of them.

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  • imageBlueRidge8:

    DD hit 12 months, I handed her a sippy cup instead of a bottle.

    She never looked back. I'm not sure she noticed a change. 

    This, just hide the bottles and go cold turkey.  Now paci's I'm still working up the courage to cut out the same way. We are down to bedtime but that's a whole battle I'm just not ready for.

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  • at 15 months we put them in a bag together and put them in the garbage because she was a "big girl" and didnt need them anymore. we didnt have any issues. a few times she asked for a baba and i reminded her that they were in teh garbage and that seemed to be enough.

    now if i could only get up the guts to do that with the binkys.... (she only gets it at night/naps).

  • We were cold turkey too. I never gave DD milk in a sippy. When we switched from BM to WCM I just put it in a sippy. For a couple weeks we did a sippy of milk at bedtime then cut that out too. We just gave milk with supper and left it at that. Besides no drinking much milk for a few days, DD really didn't seem to care.
  • With both of my LO's, I just replaced every bottle with a sippy of milk and a small snack. They never drank milk from a bottle though, only a cup, so they never knew drinking it from a bottle was an option. I imagine it might be a little harder since your DD associates milk with a bottle, but toddlers are adaptable and after a few days she will forget about the bottle. You have to stick with it though. If you keep caving and bringing back the bottle she is not going to forget about it.
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