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Way past teething....

My 4 year old is way past teething so WHY is she chewing on everything??

Just recently I have noticed she is putting everything in her mouth! Tonight I found chew marks on the entertainment center and the side rail of her bunk bed....

Is this a normal thing for a 4 year old??

Re: Way past teething....

  • My DD got her 6 year molars at 4.75 but I didn't notice her chewing on things more. She just complained her teeth/gums hut and low and behold she was teething!!

    Some kids are just more mouthy than others...I still have to ask DD to take things out of her mouth and she is 6.   You think she would have learned after swallowing a skeleton head (small toy)...

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  • My 3.5 year old is also very "mouthy"  She has one toy she can chew.  If I notice her putting other things in her mouth or chewing on her clothes I ask her to not do that and to get her "chewy ball."  Sometimes she seeks out the chewy ball for a good chew session.  it's weird, but it keeps everything else out of her mouth.


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