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Potty Training

DS is interested but clueless...advice?

My DS is about 26 months old.  He has had great bladder control for at least a year.  He almost always wakes up dry in the morning and after naps.  He only wets his diaper every 3-4 hours during the day.   Since he started preschool with bigger kids, he has become interested.  He asks to sit on the potty, asks to wear pull-ups, asked me to buy him underwear.

The problem is, he will only sit for a few seconds, then he'll say, "I can get up, there's no pee in there."    

My inclination is to just keep doing what we're doing, encouraging him without pressure.  I'm just not sure about letting him wear pullups if he is going to use them like diapers.  For one thing, they're $$$.  Any advice?  

DS born 8/8/09 and DD born 6/12/12.

Re: DS is interested but clueless...advice?

  • When my daughter turned two I took a week off from work and we literally spent the first 3 days in the bathroom reading books, playing games, etc.  She did not want to sit on the potty for long periods but since we didn't leave the bathroom, it was right there when she had to go. When we were out of the bathroom I just let her run around the house naked, she did not want to pee on herself so would tell me by day 3 and run to the potty.  We had a potty sticker book, Elmo's potty time video, and potty treats for a job well done.  I pulled out all the tricks but she was potty trained in a week!  GL ;)
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  • Sounds like it is time for a potty training weekend.

    Check out this website  https://www.babycenter.com/0_potty-training-in-three-days-or-less_10310078.bc

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