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3 day potty training

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Re: 3 day potty training

  • I bought the very small book called potty training boot camp and it outlines some of the popular methods.  

    I had a potty in the bathroom since DS was 18months.  At first he sat on it with his clothes on while I read a book or sang a song.  Them a few months later we would pulls his pants down for him to get used to going on the potty again reading books ect.  I would put him on in the morning and before his bath and cheer if he went pee.

    Then we basically woke up day one of my week long vacation and I told DS he was  no longer wearing diapers except for naps and bedtime.  We stayed home  for 3 naked days where there were a lot of accidents.  Every time he had an accident he helped me clean it up and did practice drills running to the potty so he would be ready for the next time. (drills only on day 1).  We also set a timer and had him go every 15 min day 1, 30 min day 2, 40 min day 3, 1 hour day 4 ect.

    After 3 naked days we had him wear underwear which cause more accidents to the point of making me want to cry but I stayed with it and after a week we had made real progress.  We still have an accident or 2 every month and at DC he still uses a timer for every 2 hours because he doesn't tell them when he needs to go yet for some reason.

    Good luck! 


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