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What size nipple?

What size nipple are you currently using? How long does it take your baby to finish a bottle? 

B is still on slow... It usually takes about 20mins for a bottle.  

Do you need to have them on medium or fast before you start with a sippy cup? 

He doesn't seem to be frustrated or having to suck Too hard... Should I even worry about moving up yet? We tried about a month ago and he choked and threw up :-( Guess I'm a little scared to try again! 

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Re: What size nipple?

  • We're using a slow flow nipple, and it takes DD about 20 minutes to finish a 4.5 ounce bottle.

    You do not need to transition to a faster flow nipple before switching to a sippy cup.  If you're BF, it's actually recommended that you always use a slow flow to avoid bottle preference.  I wouldn't try to move up if he isn't frustrated with the flow. 

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  • We've been on medium/fast since K was 2 months old for her reflux, it takes her about 10-15 minutes to finish a bottle.
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  • We use a medium flow nipple and it takes about 10-15 for LO to drink an 8oz bottle.  We used slow flow up until about 3.5 months or so.
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  • He's been using a medium since about 4 months. It takes a good 20 minutes to finish 8 oz but easily half that time is burping.

    For now-rare middle of the night feedings, we cheat and use a slow flow to get him back to sleep. 

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  • We use the Dr. Brown's bottles and we're currently using Level 3 nipples (for 6 months+). I guess their fast flow? Takes them about 10-15 minutes to finish a 6oz bottle (including burping time).
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