RP:I feel like a horrible parent. My almost 3yo DD has no interest in the potty! — The Bump
Potty Training

RP:I feel like a horrible parent. My almost 3yo DD has no interest in the potty!

I am really at my wits end, and I am starting to get the sideeye from many people.  My DD just doesn't seem ready to potty train.  She definitely knows when she needs to make a BM, she just won't (and I say won't emphatically) go to the potty.  I don't think she has any idea when she has to pee.  I really need help.  I was just letting her take her time, because I didn't want to push the issue, but now people around me are starting to get snarky.  HELP!
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Re: RP:I feel like a horrible parent. My almost 3yo DD has no interest in the potty!

  • I think you need to ignore the people around you.  If she's not ready she's not ready.  We took a potty out at 19 months and had the boys pee before bed for many months.  Around 30 months we started potty training, but they were totally in to it which is why we did it them... I wasn't really ready.  They weren't good about holding or telling me when they had to pee, but they did like the potty.  Within a few days they were really good about holding their pee.  Poop took a couple months.  I say wait until she's ready.  Does she go to daycare or preschool?  I think the peer pressure often helps push kids a bit.


  • People need to mind their own business.  Give them the side eye right back.  Jeez.  If she's not ready, she's not ready.  If you try to force it, it will fail miserably.  Don't let other people make you question how YOU parent. 
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  • Don't push it because it will only make it worse. At our 3 year check-up we talked to pedi about this because DD had no interest and he said this wasn't something we could force. There are a lot of things we have control over but we can't force her to go potty. She started about 3 years and 2 months and is not fully trained to pee only (still wants a diaper to poop) but she has never had an accident (sleeps in pulls up night). We had an accident the 1st day because she didn't want to go on the potty and that was the end and she tells me all the time when she has to go. We just had to wait a little longer but worth it because it was much easier than expected
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