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Providers that deliver at Good Sam

Seven Hills- Anyone have experience with this practice? Midwives? Do you know if you can choose on provider for your prenatal and delivery?
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Re: Providers that deliver at Good Sam

  • If anyone knows of midwives or physicians that are supportive of natural childbirth and remain your provider every step of the way, let me know!!!
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  • I go to the Tri-Health Nurse Midwives who deliver at Good Sam. Unfortunately in this area you arent going to find any midwives who dont work within a group. There are some smaller OB practices that are very natural birth friendly (Dr.Bowen) that I looked into that might be an option if seeing the same person every appointment is really important to you but he doesnt deliver at Good Sam (only Mercy Fairfield and B. North I believe). The midwives are a group of 7 midwives and I have really liked the care I've recieved from them. The only caveat is that if your pregnancy becomes high risk they obviously have to transfer your care being as midwives arent trained to handle high risk pregnancy-- that being said they try their best to manage until the very last point. I know that a lot of people don't like that you wont see the same person each appointment but honestly not many OB's or midwives are in the tri-state area that arent part of a practice/team.

    They also host regular "Meet the Midwives" events where you can come, meet all the midwives, ask questions about the practice, get a hospital tour, etc. I've honestly liked all the midwives within the practice with the exception of 1 but she doesnt do many deliveries these days (per my SIL who is a L&D nurse at Good Sam). Plus this particular midwife is really liked by other patients so I think its just a personality clash. Either way I would look into them-- I believe they are having another "Meet the Midwives" event coming up soon and if you call their office they can give you more info and like I said its a great opportunity to meet them all, ask questions, learn about their protocols and views on L&D.

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  • Dr Bowen and Wall do deliver say Good Sam I believe. They told me that's where we would want to go if I was early.
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  • Thanks! I think I will probably be going with the midwives- many people have recommended them and seem very happy with the care they received.
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  • I used Seven Hills and I liked them. I went to the Winton office. Was not a fan of Dr. Reilley, who delivered DS. But he does know what he is doing (and the attitude to match......) Dr.Tetterick was my favorite one of the practice. Dr. Jabin was a close 2nd.
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